The report on the “ Espoo of All Times” -survey is now available

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2018-06-04 12:09

The report on the questionnaire “Espoo of All Times” for Espoo's Cultural Environment Program is now available under the link below.

Read the report here.

Heritage landscapes, archaeological heritage and built environment form an area called the cultural environment. Human activity and interaction with nature in different ages is visible in our environment. The value of the cultural environment is in its historical and regional stratification. A well-kept cultural environment adds to the well-being of people, creates a distinctive character and increases the attractiveness and appeal of the area.

The cultural environment program is a tool for authorities and residents and communities to develop the local cultural environment and to plan its care. Its purpose is to define the way in which the cultural environment of the region is used and cared for. The cultural environment program serves as a basis for decision-making in the cultural environment.

Espoo's cultural environment program is a cooperation between different sectors. The project includes the Espoo City Museum and the Technical and Environmental and the Education sectors. The values ​​and perspectives of local and regional users are incorporated into the program.

Read more about Espoo's cultural environment program.