The new service centre is called the Kalajärvi Service Centre

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2019-11-29 10:52

Espoo Customer Service has decided to name the city’s second service centre the Kalajärvi Service Centre. This name was also the winner of the advisory vote organised for residents.

A total of 175 residents shared their views by voting either online or at the Kalajärvi Service Point. The name Kalajärvi Service Centre was supported by 38% of the voters, while Ruskatalo Service Centre, Pohjois-Espoo Service Centre and other options received 22%, 21% and 19% of the votes respectively.

The names suggested by the voters mainly revolved around the theme of lakes and fishing. From among these proposals, Espoo Customer Service picked the names for the different spaces within the service centre. These spaces will be available for booking in January through the Varaamo service:

  • two work spaces: Katiska and Apaja
  • teaching space: Ahti
  • auditorium: Kalajärvi Hall

The name indicates the location – services available to all

The name of the service centre may seem like an obvious choice because “Kalajärvi Service Centre”, the option preferred by both residents and city employees, was already in use as a kind of a working name.

However, residents had brought up several alternative names, which is why the city wanted to offer them the opportunity to vote.

“The proposal Pohjois-Espoo Service Centre took account of the important fact that the service centre serves all residents of northern Espoo, not just those living in the Kalajärvi area. Similarly, the Iso Omena Service Centre serves all Espoo residents in spite of its name. The Kalajärvi Service Centre follows the same logic – the name indicates the location. This makes it easier to find the service centre,” says Customer Service Manager Juha-Pekka Strömberg.

The local service centre in Kalajärvi will begin to develop into a service centre in early 2020, as the City of Espoo reported in August. The service centre is located in northern Espoo, in the Kalajärvi local centre at Ruskaniitty 4.

Further information:

Juha-Pekka Strömberg, Customer Service Manager, City of Espoo,, tel. 043 826 8538