The new Kalajärvi school building to become a functional entity for local residents

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2020-11-13 11:23

The new Kalajärvi school building (at Kalajärven puistotie 5) will contain versatile art and practical subject rooms as well as a gym. The gym, which can be divided into three sections, caters to most common sports such as gymnastics, volleyball, basketball and badminton to be played both lengthwise and crosswise in the space as well as futsal, floorball and handball played on a smaller junior court. A multifunctional space will also be designed for the use of the daycare centre and youth centre. A versatile local all-year exercise area will also be built in the schoolyard for the use of both schoolchildren and local residents.

“Northern Espoo has been in need of the gym built in connection with the Kalajärvi school for a long time now. The new gym can be used for many types of sports. The committee has also been in favour of building the gym. The gym is also crucial in terms of developing club activities,” says Director of Sports and Youth Services Martti Merra.

The project will also take the objectives of Carbon Neutral Espoo 2030 into consideration by connecting the new building to renewable district heating once complete.

Schoolchildren are welcomed to healthy premises in 2023

The building is currently in the planning phase, which will be completed in February 2021.  According to the updated schedule, the school building will be completed in summer 2023, the daycare centre and youth centre in summer 2024 and the outdoor exercise area in December 2024.

The project schedule was updated, because instead of renovating the school building, the new school is going to be a completely new building. The project aims at offering local children and young people healthy and safe school premises and ensuring that the construction project remains cost-efficient in accordance with the Economically Sustainable Espoo programme.

The City Board’s Premises and Housing Subcommittee will decide on the project plan for the new Kalajärvi school, daycare centre and youth centre building in its meeting on 16 November 2020.