The electricity of the City of Espoo’s properties becomes carbon neutral

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2020-04-09 14:46

The electricity consumed by properties directly owned by the City of Espoo will become almost completely carbon neutral as of the start of April, when the guarantee of origin of electricity agreement enters into effect.

The City of Espoo’s Facility Services, which are responsible for the City’s properties, administer over 400 properties directly owned by the City, the electricity of which will become carbon neutral at the start of April 2020. The origin of the electricity is verified with a guarantee of origin certificate, which ensures that a specific proportion of electrical energy is generated using renewable energy sources.

In practice, the guarantee of origin of electricity is ensured through a scheme in which a proportion of future energy supply generated using bioenergy is reserved for the City of Espoo’s use. This electricity is generated utilising energy from forestry industry by-products and primarily domestic wood-based fuels.

The aim is to supply all properties with carbon neutral electricity

The amount of carbon neutral electricity purchased for Facility Services’ directly-owned properties for the current year is approximately 70,000 MWh. In the future, Facility Services aim to also bring limited liability housing properties under the carbon neutral electricity contract. This would mean that nearly all of the properties owned by the City would be supplied with carbon neutral electricity.

“Finland’s and the City of Espoo’s carbon neutrality objectives are ambitious. It is excellent for all of us if we can utilise opportunities to speed up the achievement of these objectives through our decisions,” says Facility Services’ Head of Premises Mauri Laurila.

The shift to carbon neutral electricity for City-owned properties is part of the City of Espoo’s goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030.

More information:

Maija Lehtinen, managing director, Facility Services
Mauri Laurila, head of properties, Facility Services