The coronavirus booster vaccine can now be taken earlier

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2021-07-20 13:17

You can book an appointment for the coronavirus booster vaccine at the earliest 8 weeks and at the latest 12 weeks and 5 days after the first vaccine.

We still recommend that the booster vaccine should preferably be taken over a period of approximately 12 weeks. The recommendation is based on the fact that a longer time between the vaccines is proven to improve the effect of the vaccine and the length of the protection.

We ask you to take into account that there are many people waiting for the booster vaccine in Espoo. There are a limited number of booster vaccine appointments available.

If you wish to reschedule the time of your booster vaccination: 

  • The easiest way to reschedule your appointment is through the electronic booking system at The website contains instructions for rescheduling your appointment. 
    • Unfortunately, due to the technical limitations of the booking system, the appointment cannot be transferred to another vaccination centre or even to another team within one vaccination centre. We hope that you either choose one of the available times or check back later whether new times have opened. 
    • The available vaccination appointments are updated as the appointments are rescheduled, cancelled, or added to. The service may be congested at times, so please be patient and try again the next day, if necessary. 
    • However, if there are no available appointments, you can leave a call-back request through the vaccination appointment booking number. Please consider whether you need to call the appointment booking number, because our service is congested.
  • If you wish to discuss your appointment by phone, you can leave a call-back request on the vaccination appointment booking number 09 8163 4800 (Mon-Fri 8–18). The appointment booking number has a call-back system. Unfortunately, the vaccination appointment booking service is currently congested. 

More information about the coronavirus vaccinations in Espoo: