Western Uusimaa social and health services programme

The journey towards joint social and health services in Western Uusimaa has started! 

We focus on enhancing services

The Western Uusimaa social and health services programme is related to the preparation of the national health and social services reform. Our goal is to serve our clients better than before so at first, we will be focusing on the development of social and health services as such. Towards the beginning of the summer, we will find out what the Parliament decides on the national health and social services legislation. We will then start working on administrative issues.

All the Western Uusimaa municipalities are involved in the programme: Espoo, Hanko, Ingå, Kauniainen, Kirkkonummi, Lohja, Raseborg and Siuntio as well as the Karviainen Joint Municipal Authority, i.e. Karkkila and Vihti.

Three major themes: services, ICT solutions and organisation

We are currently working on three major themes, which we are developing in cooperation with residents and our personnel:

  • Operating concept of the future health and social services centre: The future health and social services centre will provide all basic-level health care services, mental health and substance abuse services, social services and services for the elderly smoothly and easily. The health and social services centre will be a hub of services, including electronic services, face-to-face services and mobile services. Thus, as a concept, it extends far beyond a single unit or building. We are currently developing our services to make them easily available and flexibly combinable in accordance with our clients’ needs. 
  • New digital and ICT solutions for organising social and health services: The municipalities’ separate client and patient information systems will be combined with the goal of cutting down the number of different systems from 36 to 22 systems in 2022. Steps will also be taken to unify the municipalities’ ICT infrastructure. A shared data pool will create a solid basis for the development of cooperation and enable smoother customer service. New digital services will become available, including the digital clinic’s remote appointment and chat services, which will make the use of services quicker and easier.
  • Joint organisation and shared operating models: The decision of uniting the Western Uusimaa health and social services organisations has not been made as of yet. We will wait and see what kind of solutions will be made in the national health and social services reformation during this spring and summer. As long as there is no certainty of how the national health and social services reform will play out, we will focus on themes that support the development of health and social services and are useful for the municipalities of Western Uusimaa in the here and now.

Several projects have been launched, or will shortly be launched, under these three main themes.

In cooperation with residents and personnel

Various participation opportunities will be made available, both online and via other channels. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media.

National reform

Information on the national health and social services reform is available on the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health website: