Order a ride

You can book a ride:

  • by calling 09 231 216 60 (standard local/mobile network rate)
  • through the Kulkukeskus- application
  • online kulkukeskus-tilaus.attracs.com 
  • by text message 045 7397 5631
  • by email tilaus@lu-kulkukeskus.fi 

You can request a pick-up as soon as possible, book a taxi in advance or take a vehicle at a taxi stand.

If you have been granted the right to use a familiar taxi driver, you should book rides directly through the driver.

Pick-up as soon as possible

The vehicle will pick you up within 60 minutes after you book the ride, at the time specified in the booking confirmation.

Booking in advance

If you need to be picked up or dropped off at an exact time, please book your ride in advance. You will need to book your ride more than 60 minutes before the desired pick-up time.

Taxi stands

The vehicle must be equipped with the Transport Services logo. Tell the driver that you are a client of Transport Services. Also tell the driver where you are going, other relevant information and your needs regarding the ride. The driver will contact Transport Services. You will receive a booking confirmation for the trip.

Please note! Transport Services will not reimburse you for trips taken on other service providers’ vehicles.

Give this information when you book a ride:

  • Your name or client number
  • Pick-up and destination addresses (and details of the possible trip back)
  • Pick-up date and time or the desired time of arrival at the destination
  • Type of trip, e.g. work or leisure trip
  • If you want to stop along the way, the address of the location
  • The number of people travelling with you
  • Any assistive devices, animals or luggage you have with you
  • Your desire to share your ride with other passengers

Example of a text message booking:
“One-way Carl Client Kotitie 1 A 2, Espoo, Kohdetie 2 A 3, Helsinki. Departure 12:30. Date 5.5.2019. Work. Other people 2. Dog.”

Accessibility Statement

Mobile application for ordering trips (pdf, 109 Kt) 

Customer Portal (pdf, 109 Kt)