Stopping on the way

You can make one short stop during a ride. You have to inform Transport Services of the stop when booking the ride. You can, for example, make a stop to drop a letter into a letterbox.

The maximum duration of a stop is about 10 minutes. If your stop lasts longer, we will deduct a second trip from your quota.

The place where you wish to stop must be located along the route, and your stop must not unreasonably extend the duration or length of your trip. Your stop may not lengthen your trip by more than 2 kilometres.

If you have a companion or an assistant, they can be picked up or dropped off along the way. When booking the ride, please provide the address(es) where your companion or assistant will be picked up or dropped off.

If you have been granted transport services for work purposes, please note that it is your employer’s responsibility to arrange and pay for the trips related to your work duties and travelling between different work locations.


A stop can be made to drop off your child at the day care unit, and the day care unit does not need to be located along the route.The right to stop for taking a child to day care is recorded in the transport service decision.