Frequently asked questions


Who selected the Finnish name Kulkukeskus?

Our clients. We held a naming contest in November 2018. Anyone could submit their idea. We received 24 suggestions. The project’s working group selected seven finalists for the developer clients to vote on, and Kulkukeskus was their favourite. The winner was approved by the Transportations 2019 steering group that consists of representatives from each municipality and the Elderly Council and the Disability Council of the City of Espoo. The Swedish and English translations of the name were selected by the steering group, based on suggestions given by the Translation Services of the City of Espoo.

What will change?

In the new service, you get more choice as we utilise new technology. If needed, it is possible to enable counting the trips in kilometres or euros in municipalities where it is so decided. You can also choose a pleasant and suitable way to order transport and provide customer feedback: for example, a smartphone app will be introduced.

In addition, we seek to improve the availability of the service. Thanks to the better service, you can, for example, check the number of remaining trips available to you on the app. In addition, the functional problems related to the transport service card are eliminated as there is no need for a separate card in the new service; identification is done in other ways, for example, with personal identification.

Can I order transport in advance or get a ride at the taxi stand?

You can order transport in advance by telephone, e-mail, text message or using an app. Recurring orders can also be made in advance. Transport ordered in advance always arrives at the time specified in the order. 

If necessary, you can also get transport directly at the taxi stand. You just have to check with the driver that the car is a Transport Services contract car (Transport Services does not compensate for trips made using cars of other service providers). More detailed instructions can be found in the customer instructions to be prepared in autumn 2019. The preparation of the instructions will also involve developer customers.

Will I be served in my mother tongue?

Yes, if your mother tongue is Finnish, Swedish or English. When you call our customer service, the system will recognise your mother tongue from your telephone number (unless your number is unlisted), after which you can use your mother tongue throughout the service process – all the way from booking a ride to arriving at your destination.

Will the taxi rides be safe and accessible?

Yes. Municipal employees will enter information about your needs into a client profile to help us provide you with transport that meets your needs. For example, people using an electric wheelchair will be transported in a suitable car. All drivers are trained to handle aids and take account of clients’ special needs when helping them. They will help you enter and exit the car at home and at your destination.

Will my transport be combined with that of some other customer?

Combining transports is voluntary, and it will not lengthen your travel time unreasonably. If you allow combining transports, the information will be added to your customer profile. You will receive bonus trips for combined transports.

How can I contribute to the development of the service?

You can tell us your own ideas for developing the service using the form on the Transport Services website.

Will I keep my right to a regular taxi driver?

The decision on the right to a regular taxi driver is made by a disability or elderly services worker in your municipality of residence when the right for transport services is granted, based on individual consideration. Transport Services will receive the information on your right to a regular taxi driver from your municipality of residence.

Where can I find the details of the service, such as the right to stop during the journey or the possibility of borrowing trips from next month’s travel rights?

All customers of the service will receive customer instructions before the introduction of the service. The instructions include details of the service, such as stopping during the journey and the possibility of using trips in advance. The customer instructions are based on the transport service operating instructions approved by your municipality of residence.

Who monitors the quality of the service?

The City of Espoo is in charge of service quality and follow-up. We will use real-time monitoring which enables us to constantly monitor the realisation of our service pledge.  Furthermore, service providers will be required to give us regular reports on agreed indicators, such as phone queueing times and client feedback.

Clients will also have an opportunity to give feedback on their taxi rides and the booking process. In addition, the service providers, the City of Espoo and developer clients will have regular follow-up meetings to assess the operation of the service.

When will I start using the new service?

The plan is to introduce the new service gradually, area by area. Before the introduction of the service, it will be tested with voluntary developer customers and it will be ensured that everything works the way it should.  After a successful testing, i.e. a customer pilot, the introduction of the service will begin. Not all of Western Uusimaa, however, will be transferred to the service at once. The residents of the ten municipalities will all be covered by the service during 2020. The gradual introduction will ensure a high service level and availability from the start.

A more detailed introduction schedule will be given closer to the start. It has not yet been decided which customers will be the first to be transferred to the new service. Your current transport service will serve you until you are transferred to the new service.

Can I agree on the transport directly with the driver in the future?

You can also get transport at the taxi stand or order it directly from the taxi entrepreneur. If you get transport at the taxi stand or order it directly from the taxi entrepreneur, you must check with the driver that the car is a Transport Services contract car. Transport Services does not compensate for trips made using cars of other service providers. When you tell the driver the target address and other necessary transport information, the driver reports the order to Transport Services and receives an order confirmation and the price for the trip. After this, you receive an order confirmation from Transport Services.

The dispatch centre must know where the cars and customers are. It is important for us to know where the cars have been moving, who has been travelling in them and who has been the driver – this keeps your transport safe. It is also in the customers’ best interests that the cars are driven as much as possible so that transport can be arranged for everyone and the availability of the service is good.

Can I agree on the return trip directly with the driver?

The return trip can be ordered in advance or when ordering the trip out. You can ask for the same driver for the return trip. There will be more detailed instructions on this in the customer instructions. However, the driver cannot wait for the customer in the destination. They must be able to receive other transport requests so that the availability of the service remains good for everyone. If the schedules allow the same driver to be routed for the return trip, this can be implemented by the Transport Services.

I need help in moving into the car. How will this be arranged in the future, and will it cost me something?

Assistance is part of the overall service. The assistance needed by the customer is entered in the customer profile so that the driver can help as needed, for example, by collecting the customer from indoors, if necessary. When ordering transport, it is also possible to provide more detailed instructions to the driver. Moving into the car or related assistance will incur no costs for the customer.

Do I need to give my personal identity code when ordering transport?

No. You can also order transport using the customer number. The system will also recognise you from your telephone number.

How does the service work when there is no transport service card any more?

There is no need for a separate card in the service because the customer profile in the system includes your travel information. When you order transport, your information is automatically passed to the driver to the extent necessary for the transport. When the trip is over, the system automatically removes one trip from your travel rights. You can monitor the number of remaining trips using the app.

Will the reform change the number of trips available to me?

No, it will not. The number of trips granted to you will remain available to you. If your need for transport support changes, you can ask your municipality of residence for a new assessment of service need, in which your number of trips can be re-examined.

Can someone else use my trips?

No. When you order transport, you are identified by your telephone number or customer number. When you get into the car, you are asked to show an identity card to ensure that the correct person is in the car. Therefore, no one else can use your travel rights. The identity card can be, for example, a disability card with a photo.

How long does it take from receiving the transport service decision to being able to use the service?

The service is available to you immediately from the date of decision. An employee of your municipality of residence enters your information in the Transport Services system, and the service is instantly available. 

Is it allowed to stop during the trip?

This is specified in the operating instruction, and not all municipalities have yet approved the operating instruction. The operating instructions approved by Espoo, however, specify that a necessary, quick, approximately 10-minute stop along the route is possible. This stop could include, for example, a visit to the cash machine or dropping a letter into a post box. A notification of the stop must be made when ordering transport in advance. A guardian is entitled to stop for leaving or picking up a child at day care. The stop must be mentioned and the address of the day-care location must be given when ordering the trip. The right to stop for taking a child to day care is recorded in the transport service decision.

Does the driver see my personal data?

The driver only receives the customer’s data when receiving a transport order. The driver cannot independently search for any information on the customer. When the driver receives the transport order, the order includes the customer’s name, year of birth, language and need for assistance and the transport-related data such as the destination address. The information is not disclosed to anyone else.