About Western Uusimaa Transport Services

Western Uusimaa Transport Services provides smooth and safe transport services for the elderly and persons with disabilities around the clock, every day of the year. These transport services are intended for people who are for some reason unable to use public transport.

The services are based on the Social Welfare Act and the Act on Disability Services and Assistance. The services are provided in compliance with applicable legislation and the applicable guidelines approved by the client’s municipality of residence.

Western Uusimaa Transport Services operates in Espoo. The City of Espoo is responsible for the service.


Transport services are provided using daytime and contract vehicles. All daytime vehicles are accessible and only used for transporting Transport Services clients from Monday to Friday between 6:00 and 21:00. The contract vehicles take care of bookings that the daytime vehicles do not have time for as well as bookings at night and during weekends and public holidays. The vehicles have been selected through a tendering process.

If a client has been granted the right to use a familiar taxi driver, they can select their driver from among the transport companies included in the Transport Services system.

Dispatch operator

Transport Services has a dispatch operator that is responsible for receiving bookings, planning routes and forwarding bookings to the drivers. The operator is also responsible for customer service. The operator company is FCG Smart Transportation Oy, with which Transport Services has concluded a temporary agreement.

When a client makes a booking, Transport Services will forward it to the most suitable vehicle. Transport Services will check the available vehicles that meet the client’s needs. From among these vehicles, Transport Services will select the vehicle with the lowest total transport price. If there are several vehicles available that meet the client’s needs and offer the same price, Transport Services will select the vehicle whose driver has received the highest number of positive reviews. The last factor that is taken into account when dispatching bookings is the vehicle emissions.

The operator will forward the client’s relevant information to the driver. The driver will also be informed of the route and the price of the trip. Route planning takes account of schedules, traffic jams and roadworks. It is important to ensure that the client reaches their destination safely.

Development and monitoring

The operations of Transport Services are being monitored in real time, and the City of Espoo and disability and elderly councils receive a monthly report on the operations. In addition to the councils and municipalite, clients are also involved in the development of the service. Transport Services has its own developer client network. The City of Espoo organises annual workshops for them in order to develop and monitor the service.