Social and crisis emergency services respond quickly to customers’ needs

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2020-12-08 17:35

The merger of the social and crisis emergency services of ten municipalities in Western Uusimaa has brought more human resources per shift to the emergency services.

The scope of emergency services includes social welfare services outside office hours, crisis work and the readiness to provide, for example, psychosocial support outside office hours in the event of a major accident.

The emergency services are contacted approximately 1,200 times each month. The calls are answered by two employees in the morning shift, six in the evening shift and four employees at night.

“We always work in pairs. This allows us to respond more quickly to the customers’ needs even when one of the pairs is making a house call, for example, somewhere at a longer distance,” says Malena Segercrantz, Head of Western Uusimaa Social and Crisis Emergency Srevices.

Western Uusimaa has a large Swedish-speaking population, which we can now, thanks to the merger, serve better in their native language.

“About a third of our staff are Swedish-speakers,” Segercrantz says.


Länsi-Uudenmaan sote-yhteistyöalueen kartta.

Western Uusimaa: 1 Espoo, 2 Hanko, 3 Inkoo, 4 Kauniainen, 5 Karkkila, 6 Kirkkonummi, 7 Lohja, 8 Raasepori, 9 Siuntio, 10 Vihti.

Text: Tiina Parikka. This article has been published in Espoo Magazine 4/2020, 28 November 2020.

Further information on social and crisis emergency services in Western Uusimaa