Care for diabetes patients to be renewed

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2013-08-07 16:15
Espoo Diabetes Centre started operations in connection with Jorvi Hospital on 13 May 2013.

The Diabetes Centre is in charge of care for type 1 (juvenile) diabetes. Type 2 (adult-onset) diabetics will continue to receive care at the health centres, but the Diabetes Centre will offer training and consultation help and monitor care results on the population level. The goal is to make all type 1 diabetics clients of the Diabetes Centre by the end of 2013, unless the patient wants to continue as a client in occupational health care or the private health care sector.

Operations of the Diabetes Centre will be developed together with the clients. Patients will receive information about the new unit at the hospital's outpatient clinic, health centre and in connection with free equipment supply.
Espoo Diabetes Centre is a joint project by the HUCH Endocrinology Clinic and Espoo Health Services. The Health Care Act calls for close co-operation between basic health care and special health care. Espoo has taken matters a bit further and arranges the care of diabetes patients in joint facilities under an entirely new operating model.

The number of people suffering from diabetes is continuously increasing in Finland and care methods are improving. In Espoo, approximately 1,500 people have type 1 diabetes and 10,000 people type 2 diabetes.