Social and health services during the coronavirus pandemic

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2020-06-18 15:05

Latest update: 1 October 2020 at 13:42

This is how we serve you 

Advice for Immigrants in different languages

Coronavirus Helpline and testing

  • If you suspect you have any signs of the coronavirus, please call Espoo’s coronavirus helpline, tel. 09 816 34600 (Mon–Fri at 7:00–18:00).
  • Outside these hours, please call the Medical Helpline, tel. 116 117. 
    • Read more:
    • The number of people wanting to get tested for the coronavirus has increased. You may have to wait for your testing appointment and the results up to a couple of days. In Espoo, testing is performed by HUSLAB.
    • Take precautions while waiting for your testing appointment and the results: stay at home just in case and avoid meeting anyone, just like you would if you had a confirmed case of the coronavirus. Even if your test result is negative, you should still stay at home until you have been symptom-free for a day.
  • Everyone with symptoms of the coronavirus (fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, shortness of breath, loss of smell/taste or diarrhea/abdominal pain without any other clear reason) can get tested. We will give you testing instructions on the phone.
  • SMS service for the hearing impaired, tel. 040 639 3945
  • You can also assess your symptoms at and you will get instructions based on your symptoms.

Instructions for treatment at home:

The contact information of health service in other matters

Please notice that you can only visit a health centre if you have booked an appointment.

  • Appointment booking to Espoo health centres in other matters than corona, tel. 09 816 34500, Mon–Fri 7:00–18:00
  • Oma Lääkärisi Matinkylä, tel. 09 855 4100, Mon–Fri 7:00–18:00
  • Appointment booking by text message for the deaf and hard of hearing Mon-Fri tel. 040 639 3945
  • Contact information of health centres in Espoo:
  • Video appointments with an on-call nurse are available. Go to the appointment booking system:
  • Espoonlahti health centre is closed due to a water damage. 
  • Kalajärvi health centre is closed 15.6-9.8.2020.

Health centres offer reduced services during the summer, between 22 June and 9 August 2020. For this reason, appointments will not be available for example for the following purposes: medical examinations required to obtain a driving licence, travel-related vaccinations, non-urgent mole removal, hearing tests and intrauterine device replacements. However, we will make sure that you can see a health care professional whenever necessary.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services and the Concern Hotline 

  • If the coronavirus is making you feel worried or anxious, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services are there to help you from Monday to Friday, 8:00–16:00, tel. 09 816 31300. Outside these hours, you can call the Social and crisis emergency services, tel. 09 816 42439.
  • Appointments, guidance and advice on mental health and substances is also available from our telephone service, from Monday to Friday, 8:00–16:00, tel. 09 816 31300.
  • Group meetings and activities have been cancelled for now.
  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

Dental care: Urgent care is available as emergency dental care, as always. Non-urgent care (such as check-ups) only has a limited availability at the moment. You can book an appointment for non-urgent dental care if you have been invited to the clinic. We are currently sending out invitations to clients whose appointment was cancelled due to the coronavirus situation and to children and young people who need to have a periodic check-up.

Environmental Health Care customer service is only open by appointment: Environmental Health Care (in Finnish and Swedish).

During the coronavirus epidemic, only

Services for children, young people and families with children 

Read more: Services for Families with Children

Maternity and child health clinics: Only visit the clinic in good health and take care of hand hygiene when you enter and leave the clinic. To visit the open clinic, you need to book an appointment in advance.

Welfare Services for Families with Children support your daily life, parenting and relationship:

  • Please ask us to contact you by filling in a form online:
  • The telephone service for families with children now has extended opening hours, Mon–Fri 8:30–15:00, tel. 09 816 23600.
  • All group activities for families with children have been cancelled until further notice.
  • Welfare Services for Families with Children

In matters concerning school and student health services, please contact the public health nurse of your school or the centralised telephone service of School and Student Health Services, tel. 09 8166 1234, Mon–Fri 8:30–15:30. The nurses’ chat service, TerkkariChat, is open from Monday to Friday between 8:30 and 15:30. School and student health care during the coronavirus pandemic

Child Welfare Services continue serve clients as usual: Child Welfare Services 

Non-urgent physiotherapy, occupational therapy and psychologists’ services for children have been reduced. We will hold as many appointments as we can either remotely or by phone. Effects of the coronavirus on rehabilitation services for children 

Elderly Services 

Disability Services

Social Services for Adults

Information about the services of the City of Espoo: