Social work and income

Social work is there to help you when you need counselling and advice to cope with everyday life or need support in difficult situations. Please feel free to contact us with issues related to unemployment, homelessness, life management, relationships or substance abuse. Together we can find solutions.

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How to contact us

Call us, visit our office (Komentajankatu 5 C) on weekdays at 915, or fill in an application. We will assess your situation together and look for ways to improve it. You can be our client for as long as necessary.

You can reach us by phone Mon–Fri at 8:00–10:00.

Over 30-year-old clients have been divided into a northern and a southern group based on their postal code. Please call the telephone number of your own area to ensure smooth service. You can check below which group your area belongs to.

  • Southern Espoo, tel. 09 816 45 200
  • Northern Espoo, tel. 09 816 45 100

We have one telephone number for under 30-year-olds

  • tel. 09 816 45 300.

We use a call-back system – after you have called us, we will call you back within the same day. We will try calling you twice.

Urgent matters:

  • urgent need for social work or guidance
  • being discharged from a hospital/institution
  • acute need for medicines when you do not receive basic social assistance
  • eviction (not a written warning of eviction)
  • electricity cut off
  • acute homelessness.

We also serve online

You can apply for supplementary and preventive social assistance online. In the e-service, you can also see the status of your application, the decision made on it and the payment details regarding the assistance. You can apply for basic social assistance from Kela, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland.

Help with housing problems

Are you homeless or facing eviction, do you have rent arrears or difficulties paying rent? Are you struggling with other housing issues? Please contact Housing Counselling. The sooner you contact us for help, the better. Let’s consider your options together.

Help for finding employment

Are you unemployed? We can help you outline the hopes, goals and challenges related to your employment and plan the next steps towards finding a job. Support for employment is available from Espoo Employment Services.

Support in crises

Social and Crisis Emergency Services provide acute help in social emergencies and crises around the clock, tel. 09 816 42439.

Omatila supports Espoo residents who have experienced or fear violence in intimate relationships or suffer from domestic violence.

Are you worried about substance abuse?

Are you worried about substance abuse, whether by yourself or by a loved one? Do you have problems caused by alcohol, drugs or medicines? We can help you gain access to treatment or rehabilitation.

Support for managing your personal finances

Do you feel like your money always runs out? We can help you tackle your financial problems, such as rent arrears or excessive debt. If necessary, we can work together with other organisations and sources of help.

Preferably apply for supplementary and preventive social assistance online. To get supplementary and preventive social assistance, you will first need a decision from Kela to grant you basic social assistance.

Support for the integration of immigrants

Immigrants are entitled to the same services as everyone else in Espoo. Useful information and support for the integration of a new resident is available here:

Are you worried about a loved one or a client?

Are you concerned about the life management, substance abuse or livelihood of someone you know or someone who is your client? Are you concerned about the welfare of their children? If yes, please contact Espoo Social Services.