Medical examination for your child starting first grade

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2021-06-02 11:45

Your child is about to start first grade. You can book the free health check-up for first-graders online. You can also fill out the form with data about your child for the health check-up online.

All pupils entering school for the first time and their parents/ guardians are invited to a health examination the purpose of which is to chart the child's growth, development and general well-being. Parents/ guardians are encouraged to participate in this examination. This will give school health personnel a better idea of the whole family's well-being and, if necessary, identify possible support needs. Before coming in for the health examination, parents/ guardians must fill out a preliminary information form.

Use of the services requires authentication using your online banking credentials or the Mobile Certificate. One of the parents can fill in the form and give the other permission to read the answers.

Parents must make an appointment for the child's health examination before filling out the preliminary data form. The preferred method for scheduling appointments is via the internet. Make an appointment: School health care appointments

If you're not able to use MySchoolhealth Service, you may also make an appointment by telephoning the school nurse.

The health examinations will mainly take place during the summer and early autumn.

At these schools the health examinations will take place on August

  • Iivisniemi School
  • Juvanpuisto School
  • Leppävaara School
  • Lintulaakso School
  • Niipperi School
  • Nuuksio School
  • Pakankylä School
  • Steiner School
  • Veräjäpelto School

For new pupils in these schools health check-ups take place in another school

  • Kirstin koulu - check-ups in Tuomarila School in June
  • Kilon koulu - check-ups in Kilonpuisto School
  • Meritorin koulu - check-ups in Laurinlahti School
  • Mikkelän koulu -  check-ups in Koulumestari School in June