Support and tools for families to manage worries and promote mental well-being

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2021-05-07 14:34

The Let’s Cope Together website is intended for parents who need tools to manage worries and support their children’s mental well-being during the coronavirus pandemic.

The website provides information on anxiety, advice on how to go through difficult feelings with a child as well as simple methods and exercises to help parents reduce their children’s and their own anxiety. The methods are based on behavioural therapy, which is known to be effective in reducing children’s anxiety and fears.

You can register as a user with whatever username and password you decide to choose. The website includes an initial and a follow-up survey that will take about 2–3 minutes to complete. The survey responses will be used to further develop online services that promote mental health and prevent mental problems. The website has been created by the Voimaperheet research group at the University of Turku. The website is free of charge.