Social and health services are burdened by the coronavirus pandemic

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2021-03-15 13:34

Coronavirus-related health care work, contact tracing and vaccinations have become part of our daily activities during the past year. In practice, however, this is extra work that needs to be done in addition to our normal activities.

We have to take care of urgent care, the operations of the infection unit, contact tracing and coronavirus vaccinations. As a result, we have had to reduce our other services and will have to reduce them further.

For this reason, we kindly ask you to contact us later if your matter is not urgent right now.

Coronavirus-related tasks in addition to all other work

The coronavirus pandemic has required us to set up a separate infection unit, and for the past year, the Samaria Health Centre has only treated patients with infections, i.e. people whose symptoms could indicate a coronavirus infection. In recent weeks, the number of patients visiting the unit has increased, as the spread of the coronavirus has again accelerated. We have to be prepared to allocate additional resources from other health centres to the infection unit.

Our health centres still treat patients who need urgent care. Urgent care appointments are available on the same day, as they have been throughout the pandemic. It is safe to visit our units. Please remember to take care of good hand hygiene, wear a mask and maintain a safe distance from other people whenever possible.

The coronavirus pandemic does not only burden health centres

Contact tracing and coronavirus vaccinations are a major effort involving professionals from different units of Espoo’s Social and Health Services. Some of the public health nurses from maternity and child health clinics and school health care are currently working at our coronavirus vaccination sites. As a result, appointments at maternity and child health clinics or with school nurses may not be available as quickly as usual. Other health care professionals, for example from dental clinics and outpatient rehabilitation units, are also involved in coronavirus-related work such as contact tracing. In addition, the service centres for senior citizens are closed and daytime activities for people with memory disorders have been reduced due to the coronavirus situation.