Maternity and child health clinics adopt new ways of working and update the range of matters addressed during appointments

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2019-10-16 16:16

The action plans for maternity and child health clinic services have been updated to better respond to the individual needs and situations of families and children. We will increase our cooperation with parents, guardians and other parties to ensure that our services are as useful to families as possible. Maternity and child health clinics have adopted new ways of working and updated the range of matters addressed during clinic appointments.

Starting from this autumn, maternity and child health clinics will no longer send a separate invitation to toddlers’ health check-ups by post. Instead, parents should check the timing of their child’s periodic health check-ups on the website  and then book appointments accordingly. The website will be updated in October.

Your maternity and child health clinic will schedule your next appointment during your visit. Alternatively, you may book an appointment online or by calling the maternity and child health clinics’ centralised appointment booking and guidance number, tel. 09 816 22800 from 8:30 to 14:30 on weekdays.

As of 21 October 2019, we will gradually expand the evening opening hours of maternity and child health clinics in different areas. Evening appointments are primarily intended for pregnant women and families with babies. The hours of open clinics may also change. However, the open clinics  will continue to serve all clients of Espoo’s maternity and child health clinics. Just like before, you may visit  an open clinic without booking an appointment in advance.

New services for families

One of our new services will be postpartum depression screenings for fathers/ partners. This screening has been available for mothers for many years.

The Strongest Families programme, conducted in cooperation with the University of Turku, will expand to cover all families in Espoo. From now on, all parents who have a 4-year-old child will receive a questionnaire by post to their home address. The questionnaire will help them assess whether their child has behavioural problems that negatively impact everyday life. If yes, they will be offered the opportunity to participate in free-of-charge parental coaching online. Further information is available on the University of Turku website: (in Finnish)

Several service channels available to you

There is a channel you can use to contact public health nurses to ask questions and receive advice within the same day: the centralised appointment booking and counselling number. You may also send a call-back request to your usual public health nurse. The nurses usually call their clients back within 1–2 weekdays.

The maternity and child health clinic will always call you if your laboratory test results reveal something unusual. You can also find your laboratory test results and possible patient instructions in the My Kanta service.

We will inform you of any topical matters during your appointment. Topical information is also available on clinic notice boards and on our website. In addition, the maternity and child health clinics in Espoo have a Facebook page,, where we share news, information about events and baby care and child care tips.

Please visit to give us feedback on the services at maternity and child health clinics, whether it be praise or criticism, practical suggestions or questions.

MyNeuvola to close in late 2019 

The MyNeuvola online service for families expecting a child will be closed by the end of 2019. The materials of MyNeuvola will be transferred to and published as part of the maternity clinics’ new website during the autumn.

Materials related to health check-ups, such as forms and questionnaires that you can fill in before your appointment, will be available on the website. To find out when you should visit a maternity and child health clinic, what will be addressed during the appointments and how to prepare, please consult the website. You may also request these materials on paper from a public health nurse when you have an appointment.