Welcome to the child health clinic! Subtitles for the child health clinic video

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Hello! I’m Nella, the child health clinic bunny. I’ve heard that you’re four years old already. That’s great! You see, all four-year-olds are invited to the child health clinic for an examination. You’ll get to show all the things you can do and how well you have grown and developed. Let’s have a look at Maija’s visit to the clinic to see what happens here.

You should come to the clinic in good time, so that you have some time to play or read in the waiting room.

The nurse will come and tell you when it’s your turn. First, you and the nurse will have a little chat about how you and your family are doing.

The examination usually starts with you and the nurse doing some nice activities together. Your mum or dad will wait outside the door for a while.

You and the nurse will look at some pictures and talk about them.

You will get to draw, thread pearls onto a string and cut with scissors.

You will also get to show how well you jump, throw a ball, walk on tiptoe and stand on one leg.

The nurse will also examine how well you can see. You will tell the nurse which patterns you see on the test board. First, you will look at the board from close up and then from really far away. One of your eyes will be covered with a pirate eye patch or a pair of silly cover-up specs.

The nurse will measure how tall you have grown and how much you weigh. When your height is being measured, stand up straight, put your heels against the wall and point your nose straight ahead. Your weight will be measured on normal scales with your underwear on. The circumference of your head will be measured with a tape measure.

The nurse will enter all these results on the computer and then you can have a look at your nice growth curves.

The nurse will also examine how your heart is working. The nurse will place a cuff around your arm. When the nurse presses a button, the meter starts and pumps the cuff full of air, like a balloon. The cuff will feel tight around your arm for a while, but it passes quickly. It is important that you keep your hand perfectly still, otherwise the examination will not work.

Four-year-olds will usually also get a vaccine in their arm. When the vaccine is given, you can sit safely in your mum or dad’s lap. The vaccination may prick and sting for a while, but it will be over quickly. Your mum or dad will comfort you. Getting a vaccine is really important because it protects you from dangerous diseases.

Four-year-olds also have a doctor’s examination, but this will be done at a different time. The doctor will listen to your heart and lungs, have a look in your ears and throat and press your tummy. You and your doctor will also talk about things that are important to you and your family. Before coming to the clinic, you and your mum and dad could talk about things you would like to discuss at the clinic.

It’s normal to feel a little nervous about coming to the clinic, but there is nothing to fear. The nurses and doctors are nice and will let you know exactly what is happening. And your mum or dad will be close by all the time. You can also bring with you your special toy.

Let’s ask Maija how she felt about her visit to the clinic.

-It was nice. I drew and cut along a line with scissors.

-What was the best part?


Soon, it will be your turn to come and visit us. Welcome to the child health clinic!