Effects of the coronavirus on rehabilitation services for children

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2020-12-30 10:32

The coronavirus is spreading in Finland and around the world. To prevent it from spreading and ensure safety, we have adapted non-urgent speech and occupational therapy and psychologists’ services for children.

We will also hold appointments remotely or by phone. Clients can contact their appointed employee to ask for possible telephone or remote guidance. However, some visits cannot be provided by a remote appointment.

Group activity services will be organised in line with valid safety recommendations.

Our website provides tips for practising at home. 

Only visit us in good health

You are only allowed to visit us if you are in good health. Please do not bring many people with you so as not to crowd the waiting rooms. Also, note that only one accompanying person is allowed to the consulting room. Both the employees and visitors must observe valid mask recommendations, maintain proper hand and coughing hygiene and keep a safe distance. We will use remote interpreters whenever possible.

The City of Espoo takes the coronavirus pandemic very seriously. The health and well-being of our clients and staff are important to us. We will monitor the situation continuously and keep all residents up to date with any changes. We will do our best to minimise the impact of the situation on Espoo residents.