Habilitation services for children in Espoo

Raising children and supporting their development is a demanding task and everyone can occasionally have questions or need support. You may be worried about the child's speech and language development, motor development, or the child's learning and concentration. As a parent, you will have the information to answer the child's needs in the best possible way. Speech therapists, occupational therapists and child psychologists in habilitation services for children in Espoo can help you with these issues.

We offer

  • Information and guidance for parents
  • Consultation to those who work with children (such as daycare)
  • Mapping of the child's skills
  • Habilitation (speech therapy and occupational therapy)

Our services are free of charge and we are bound by confidentiality.

Contact details

Cancel and appointment by calling our office tel. 043 8253181 or tel. 043 825 6878. You can also call the employee directly, whose contact details can be found in the appointment letter. Please cancel as soon as possible.