The City of Espoo will begin using Incomes Register data on 1 January 2020

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2020-01-10 15:40

The Incomes Register is a national database containing comprehensive data of the wages, pensions and benefits paid in Finland. Employers and other payers report data on wages and benefits they pay to the Incomes Register immediately after each payment.

You can view your own data in the Incomes Register:

The City of Espoo starts using earnings payment data as of 1 January 2020

The introduction of the Incomes Register will affect the following aspects in Espoo Social and Health Services starting from 1 January 2020:

  • determination of income-related client fees
  • determination of supplementary and preventive social assistance
  • child support matters and collection of payments by child welfare services

We will still always ask you first for your income information. If we do not receive this information from you, we will check it in the Incomes Register. Child support matters are an exception. In these cases, we always need your permission to use the Incomes Register.

Pension and benefits payment data will be at our disposal as of 1 January 2021. The Incomes Register data is also utilised by the Social Insurance Institution (Kela), the Finnish Tax Administration, and Statistics Finland, for example. The Incomes Register grants public authorities and other data users access only to the data to which they are entitled and which they need.

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