Espoo’s Family Centre Network Brings Together Services For Families With Children

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2019-01-07 15:52

The City of Espoo wants to offer high-quality and easily reachable services to families with children, ensuring that every family member receives steady support. To achieve this, we are turning these services into a network of family centres where social and health care services and education and culture services work together for a common goal in cooperation with organisations, parishes, the private sector and families.

The family centre network will offer a range of services that families with children need, such as social and health care services, versatile support and information, not forgetting opportunities to meet others in the same situation. The core of each family centre will be formed by a maternity and child health clinic, school and student health services and other pupil welfare services. Their key partners will include early childhood education providers, schools and educational institutions. Many organisations, libraries, parishes and private service providers also offer meeting places and services that are open to all.

The family centres will also offer domestic services for families with children, family work, services for parents separating or divorcing, developmental and family counselling, services for immigrants, therapy and psychology services for children, and social services for adults. Services at specialised levels, such as services for persons with disabilities, child welfare services and specialised health care will work together with the family centre network whenever a family needs them.

Iso Omena Service Centre will lead the way

The actual implementation of the family centre model has progressed the furthest at the Iso Omena Service Centre. The Service Centre currently includes a maternity and child health clinic, family work for families with children, a health centre, mental health and substance abuse services, a library, youth services, a Service Point of the City of Espoo, Kela, HUS’s Maternity Outpatient Clinic, and HUS’s laboratory and imaging services. The customers of the Service Centre are also served by a divorce information service, a culture clinic, Kohtaamo and organisations. Espoo residents and the service providers themselves have been very satisfied with the the Service Centre.

The City of Espoo will set up family centres in Espoo’s other city centres where they will be close to the inhabitants’ everyday life and offer services with extensive opening hours. Digitalisation – for example in the form of e-services and remote consultations – has made it easier to take care of one’s matters and get help.

The family centres are part of the Programme to address reform in child and family services, which is one of the Government’s key programmes. In the future, the programme will continue to drive the development of family centre operations in Finnish counties that will be established as a result of the ongoing regional government, health and social services reform.

Further information about services for families with children in Espoo is available on our website Services for the families with children