Espoo to test an online service for young people in Arabic

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2020-03-11 11:02

Some 4,000 Espoo residents have Arabic as their mother tongue. Population projections suggest that this group will grow in the future. The City of Espoo will test whether it could reach Arabic-speaking young people and their families better with an online service in Arabic.

The goal of this experiment is to find better ways to help Arabic-speaking young people take care of their personal well-being. This group also needs to be reached and referred to services more efficiently and at the right time.

The online service that Espoo will test will be called Hayat and include a website targeted at Arabic-speaking young people. The website will contain a survey that young people can take to assess their personal situation, videos produced together with young people on themes they find important, and a chat service where they can get generic advice from a social counsellor. The website will be marketed to Arabic-speaking young people who live in Espoo for example at school, at places where they spend their free time, and at the city’s Service Points – wherever Arabic-speaking young people and their families are. 

Through this experiment, the City of Espoo aims to learn about the usefulness and the preventive effect of the online service solution and about Arabic-speaking young people’s ability to solve questions related to their well-being and seek help if they cannot cope alone.

The experiment will be rolled out in stages between January and August 2020 by the City of Espoo Education and Cultural Services and Social Services in cooperation with Zoturi Oy. Zoturi has previously created a similar solution for Russian- and Finnish-speaking young people.

The experiment will be part of the Digital Agenda of the City of Espoo that aims at the development of the city’s services using digital solutions and new technologies.

Further information

  • Project Manager Sari Hammar, Family and Social Services, Social and Health Services, City of Espoo, tel. 040 506 6249,  
  • Senior Planning Officer Terhi Pippuri, Education and Cultural Services, City of Espoo, tel. 043 827 2471,  
  • Development Manager Valia Wistuba, City as a Service Development, City of Espoo, tel. 043 825 2905,