Are you or your family out of food because of the coronavirus?

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2020-04-09 12:04

If you are in a difficult financial situation because of the coronavirus or you need help to cope with everyday life, please call us, tel. 09 816 45000. Our telephone line is open from Monday to Friday between 8:00 and 12:00.

Food aid

If you or your family are unable to go to the grocery store, for example due to quarantine:

  • We recommend that you buy groceries online.
  • Ask your neighbours or relatives to help you get groceries.

Help is available is a website for those who look for food assistance and those who organise it. The website contains up-to-date information about organisations that offer food assistance.

The Kauppa-apu website is a place where people volunteer to bring groceries to those who need them. You can also ask for help on the website.

Food assistance for acute need

The City of Espoo’s food assistance is intended for Espoo residents who have an acute and sudden need for food, particularly those who are in quarantine due to the coronavirus or belong to a risk group. Finnish institute for helth and welfare/Coronavirus

Adults and families with children can call the helpline for advice and assistance, tel. 09 816 45 000, Mon–Fri 8:00–12:00. Our social welfare workers will assess your need for food assistance. 

If you also have other concerns besides food, please contact:

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The City of Espoo quickly set up food distribution during the coronavirus situation