Family Social Work

We guide you in matters of family life, parenthood and children.

You can contact us

  • by telephone Mon and Wed 8 am–1.30 pm and Tue, Thu and Fri 8–11 am, tel. 09 816 23600 (Call Back Service)
  • by meeting with a social counsellor in a maternity and child health clinic, a library or an open day care centre

We will contact you within 1 to 3 days. Together we assess your need of help and the urgency of your situation.

We work towards a common goal with you and your family. If need be, we offer you

  • domestic services
    • domestic childcare
    • domestic help (together with you)
  • counselling when you have problems with life management
  • support in your parenthood.

If required, we will appoint a personal worker, who will help to find appropriate help and service for you and your family.

Our staff features family workers, social counsellors and social workers. Discussions with us are always confidential and free of charge. Please note, however, that some of our services are subject to a charge.

Family work and domestic services

We support families with children in time. We assist families in challenging situations. Our family work is short-term support for you and your family to cope in everyday life and to prevent the situation from growing worse.

In general, we do the family work and domestic services (childcare and domestic help) in your home. Together with you and your family we make an individual service plan based on the family’s needs. On demand, we collaborate with other workers who support your family. We also cooperate with the non-profit sector.

You may get a referral to us at the maternity and child health clinic, child day care, child welfare, disability services, special health care or some other service. The referral is made in mutual understanding with you. You can also get in contact us directly via phone, 09 816 23600, Mon and Wed 8 am–1.30 pm and Tue, Thu and Fri 8–11 am.

Contact details

Family work manager, tel. 046 877 3522.
Domestic services manager, tel. 046 877 3422.
Chep Social Worker, tel. 043 815 0352

Ask about fees and income limits

West tel. 043 825 5034
East tel. 043 825 5033