Family social work

Contact us when you need advice or guidance regarding family life and parenting.

Family work: conversational support and advice

The best way to contact Family Work is to use the Get help form. You can also call our call-back service, tel. 09 816 23600 (Mon–Fri at 9–14). We will call you back as soon as possible, within three weekdays at the latest. In this exceptional situation, we offer guidance and advice to families in Espoo mainly by phone.

  • Do you need guidance and advice on your daily life as a family, your child’s daily rhythm, eating, sleeping or developmental challenges at different ages?
  • Would you like to talk to somebody or ask for advice on parenting, your relationship with your partner, life as a family or your children?

We will talk with you to find the best way to arrange the services that you need.

Domestic services for families are available as usual in spite of the coronavirus situation.

If you have health-related concerns, please call the City of Espoo’s health care units.

We are unfortunately not able to discuss your matters via email.

The services of our family counsellors are free of charge.

The services are free-of-charge.

Domestic services: help with childcare and domestic work

Domestic services are available for families in challenging situation:

  • pregnance or delivery
  • twins or more babies are born
  • crisis in the family
  • child's illness or injury
  • parent's illness or injury
  • parent's depression or exhaustion

The goal of domestic services is to help your family to cope in everyday life. Domestic services are not available merely for cleaning. We do the domestic chores together with you and your family .


The fee for domestic services is based on the duration of the visits or, alternatively, we will charge a monthly fee based on the client’s income, the size of the family and the quantity of services required. Domestic services are also available with a service voucher.

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Contact information

You can contact us by using the Get help form

or by Telephone service: tel. 09 816 23600 on weekdays at 9–14. We will contact you within 1 - 3 days. 

Family Counselling: support for parenting and family relations

The Family Counselling Center in Espoo offer guidance, counselling and support for children aged 0–12 years and their parents. We can help when you are facing challenges related to family relations, parenting or the relationship with your partner. Contact us, when

  • you are concerned about your child's behaviour or mood
  • the atmosphere in your family is tense or the parents have problems in their relationship
  • you have questions concerning parenting and parenthood
  • you are facing a new situation in life, such as being a single parent or a step-parent in a blended family, or you need help to cope with divorce
  • you need family mediation to agree on joint parenthood after a divorce.

Discussions with us are always confidential and free of charge. We welcome the entire family or only the parents, but you can also come see us by yourself. Most visitors receive the help they need during 1–5 visits. You can visit us up to 15 times. We also offer support groups for children and adults.

The therapeutic services for families with infants offer support during pregnancy and for families with children younger than 12 months. Contact us through your maternity and child health clinic (neuvola)

Contact information Family Councelling Center

MONIKU-service for multilingual families

The MONIKU-service for supporting early native language development is a new part of Neuvola's services. It is offered for all multilingual families living in Espoo who have a child under 1 year of age, and who has native language other than Finnish or Swedish. The service is free of charge.

In MONIKU meetings you will receive:

  • Materials and Guidance: You will receive materials and helpful tips and guidance on early interaction with your baby, as well as information on various available services.
  • Support: You can discusss your concerns about your child's native and Finnish language development. 
  • Encouragement: You will receive information about the many benefits of being a bilingual child and how to best support your child's native language development during the first year and beyond.


  • When your baby is 2 months: discussing ways and methods of interacting with your baby (meeting together with nurse and MONIKU-service worker)
  • When your baby is 6 months: language development thourgh interaction, play, reading and routine (meeting together with nurse and MONIKU-service worker)
  • When your baby is 10 months: daycare and school options, screentime, and language milestones (meeting with MONIKU-service worker)

For more information, contact:

Help in divorce for families with children

The service provides acute help for parents who are considering divorce or need support after divorce. We offer you a chance to talk about divorce, and we can help you as parents to build a safe environment for your children.

  • Telephone service on Mondays and on Fridays at noon to 1 pm, tel. 046 877 3267.
  • The child welfare officers’ number for booking and consulting is tel. 09 816 27711 on weekdays from 10 am to 11 am.

Get Help online

Do you need help to manage your everyday life with children? Would you like to talk to somebody or ask for advice on parenting, life as a family or your children? You can contact us via Get Help online service. We will call you back in 1–3 weekdays.