Family Law Services

Child Welfare Officers

In case of separation, parents of minor children reach agreement on child custody, residence, right of access and maintenance. The child welfare officer can help the parents to draw up agreements and make sure these are in the best interests of the children.  

Contact Information: Child Welfare Officers

Acknowledgement of Paternity in Neuvola

Acknowledgement of paternity will be done primarily at maternity health clinics (neuvola)  and secondarily at the child welfare supervisor’s office. Expectant parents are informed of acknowledgement during a visit to the clinic. Paternity can be acknowledged after the 30th week of pregnancy. The father acknowledges his paternity personally to the nurse in the presence of the baby’s mother and with the mother’s consent at the maternity health clinic which the mother has been visiting. 

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Acknowledgement and Investigation of Maternity

The new Maternity Act entered into force on 1 April 2019. It covers the establishment of maternity in a situation where a woman has consented to assisted fertility treatment in agreement with the birth mother. The woman can acknowledge maternity at a maternity clinic.

The female partner of the child’s birth mother can also be established as the child’s mother if the couple has had the child together with the help of assisted fertility treatments. If the child has already been born or the situation is otherwise unclear, maternity will be investigated and acknowledged with the help of a child welfare officer.

Maternity and child health clinics are not a place where the parents can agree on single custody, child maintenance, right of access or the child’s living arrangements. If the parents need to agree on these matters, they should turn to a child welfare officer after the child is born.

Help in Divorce for Families with Children

The service provides acute help for parents who are considering divorce or need support after divorce. Parents, who are considering divorce, as well as children in the family, are offered support at an early stage. 

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