Family Counseling Center

The Family Counseling Center in Espoo offer guidance, counseling and support for children aged 0–12 years and their parents. We can help when you are facing challenges related to family relations, parenting or the relationship with your partner.

Contact us, when

  • you are concerned about your child's behaviour or mood
  • the atmosphere in your family is tense or the parents have problems in their relationship
  • you have questions concerning parenting and parenthood
  • you are facing a new situation in life, such as being a single parent or a step-parent in a blended family, or you need help to cope with divorce
  • you need family mediation to agree on joint parenthood after a divorce.

Our staff includes psychologists and family counsellors. Discussions with us are always confidential and free of charge. You can contact us directly, no referral is needed. We welcome the entire family or only the parents, but you can also come see us by yourself. Most visitors receive the help they need during 1–5 visits. You can visit us up to 15 times. We also offer support groups for children and adults.

The therapeutic services for families with infants offer support during pregnancy and for families with children younger than 12 months. Contact the nurse at your maternity and child health clinic to access therapeutic services for families with infants.

If you are facing conflicts in your family or relationship, you may turn to family counselling services and ask for family mediation