Everyday assistance from Social Services

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2020-11-20 13:14

If you are struggling to cope in your daily life, do not hesitate to contact us. You are not alone. We are here to help. Let’s talk and sort out your problems. No matter what your situation is, there is always a way forward.

Social services for adults  

If you do not have the knowledge, skills or resources to cope with your daily life, Adult Social Work is here to support you. We want to help you overcome the difficult situation. We will work together with you, your loved ones and other professionals from different fields to help you create the kind of life you want. We will help you with employment, financial issues, housing problems, violence in an intimate relationship, various crises, functional ability and well-being, education, loneliness and rehabilitation. You can also contact us if you are worried about a loved one and their coping or life management.

Social Welfare and Income Support

Violence in intimate relationships

Social services for families with children   

Contact us if you need advice on your daily life as a family, your child’s daily rhythm, eating, sleeping or developmental challenges at different ages. Or perhaps you would like to talk to somebody or ask for advice on parenting, your relationship with your partner, life as a family or your children. The best way to contact us is to use the Get help! form.    

Domestic services

The aim of our domestic services is to make everyday life easier for families and support the parents’ well-being. Domestic services are primarily available in the following situations: pregnancy or childbirth, families with twins or more babies, a crisis in the family, a child’s illness or disability, a parent’s illness or disability, depression and/or fatigue or a parent’s treatment (e.g. start of therapy).

Family Social Work

Family Counselling Centres 

The Family Counselling Centres offer guidance, counselling and support to children younger than 13 and their parents who are dealing with challenges related to family relationships and parenting. Contact us if you are worried about your child’s behaviour or mood, the atmosphere in your family is tense or you have problems in your relationship with your partner, you have questions about parenting, you are facing a new situation for example as a single parent or as a step-parent in a blended family, you need help to get over your divorce or separation or you need family mediation to agree on co-parenting after getting divorced.

Family Counselling Centres

Maternity and child health clinics  

Our clinics support families expecting a child and families with children. If you need to book an appointment, please contact our centralised appointment booking and counselling number, tel. 09 816 22800, Mon–Fri 8:30–13:30.

Maternity Clinics and Child Health Clinics

Child welfare services  

Child welfare services help and support children and families in a difficult situation and safeguard a child’s right to a safe environment, balanced and comprehensive development and particular protection.

Child Protection

Social services for persons with disabilities  

We want everyone in Espoo – regardless of disability or illness – to be able to lead a good and safe daily life. The City of Espoo Disability Services offers various services and other forms of support. Our goal is to enable persons with disabilities and chronic illness to cope both at home and outside their home.

Disability Services