Child Protection

A child needs care and protection, sharing of feelings, learning, free time, play, rules and limits for balanced growth and development.

Parents and guardians hold the primary responsibility for the well-being of their child. Child welfare services support parents and guardians when the child or the family needs help to resolve problems that threaten well-being.

Child welfare services aim to guarantee a child’s right to a safe growth environment, balanced and versatile development as well as special protection.

If you wish to get in touch with the child welfare services, contact the regional child welfare office in the child’s place of residence.

Child welfare customership begins with a child welfare notification that is filed to the child welfare services in the child’s residential area. You can file a child welfare notification if you are concerned about the well-being of a child that lives near you or that you are aware of.

A child welfare notification can also be filed on the basis of a request made together with the child or his/her parents to assess the need for child welfare services.

An anticipatory child welfare notification is made before a child’s birth if there is reason to suspect that the child will need child welfare support immediately after birth.

In the case of a sudden crisis, you can contact the Espoo Social and Crisis Emergency Services  that is on-call round-the-clock at 09 8164 2439.

More information about child welfare in English and in seven other languages: