Services for the Families with Children

Services for the families with children offer advising and supporting to emerging issues and challenges of everyday life. Services for families with children are to detect potential problems at an early stage and provide treatment as soon as possible and with high quality. We focus particularly on prevention and support families to find themselves their own resources to cope with the daily issues. Continuous co-operation in the various actors and between the partners will ensure that things will progress smoothly.

Maternity and child health clinics

Maternity clinics support you during pregnancy and help you prepare for parenthood. During your appointments, the clinic’s staff will monitor your pregnancy and together you can discuss your health and well-being.

Child health clinics monitor the growth and development of your child and support the health and well-being of your family. Key matters discussed during appointments include the parents’ resources, parenting and family health advice.

Maternity and child health clinics’ appointment booking and counselling

School and student health services

The staff of school and student health services monitor the growth and development of children and young people and promote their health and well-being. They also take care of the health and safety of school and study environments and promote the well-being of school communities.

Together with the maternity and child health clinics, school and student health services form a continuum in which the health records of a child and a young person support the promotion of their health and well-being.

Support for families

Support for parenting and family life

The staff of family work, domestic services and family counselling are here for you if you need support regarding your family life or parenting. Support is also available to couples who are going through a divorce or separation.

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Activities for children and families

The City of Espoo has residents’ parks, open day care centres and clubs that do not require registration in advance.

The residents’ parks are intended for children and preteens and their parents and other adults who take care of them. The parks offer both indoor and outdoor activities with and without an instructor. Children under the age of 7 can attend these activities together with a parent or another adult. All activities at the residents’ parks are free of charge.

In the family activity calendars, you can find activities intended for families with children under school age. The meeting places include open day care centres, residents’ parks, maternity and child health clinics and parish facilities. In addition to the City of Espoo, services and activities are organised by parishes, organisations and other partners.

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Support in divorce and child support matters 

Our services offer people an opportunity to discuss and get advice on divorce-related matters. We also provide guidance on arrangements related to children.

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When something is not right

Are you worried about a child or a young person? 

Anyone who notices that a child, a young person or a family needs help can contact Family Social Work or Child Protection. If you are worried about the well-being of a child, you can submit a child welfare notification online (if you know the child’s personal identity code) or on a paper form (pdf, 32 kB). Child welfare notifications are submitted to the child welfare office of the child’s residential area. You may also submit a notification anonymously.

Are you worried about your own or your child’s well-being?

Read about our Mental health and substance abuse services 

The Nupoli Youth Clinic (in Finnish) provides services for young people aged 13–22 without having to book an appointment. Nupoli offers support and a place for discussing matters related to mental health, substance abuse, gambling and the use of spare time.

If you are struggling with mental health issues, you can book a doctor’s appointment at your local health centre. You can also book an appointment online at Appointments online for the Health Services

Child Psychiatric Unit

The Child Psychiatric Unit mainly treats children aged 6 to 12 and their families. A child and their family are referred to the unit by partners who work with the child daily (e.g. early childhood education and school) and who consult the unit in cases where the child’s emotional development, behaviour and/or mental health causes considerable concern and the child’s functional capacity has decreased because of these challenges and problems. Consultation always requires the parents’ consent. Different partners who work together for the benefit of the child form a consulting network. The network aims to find the most suitable form of support for the child and the family to make their everyday life easier.

The unit does not offer child psychiatric emergency services or hospital care.

Child Psychiatric Unit