Service for disabled

Espoo Disability Services is intended for people who because of disability or chronic illness require service not offered in the municipal basic services. The goal is to ensure disabled and chronically ill residents equal opportunities to participate. We who work in services for the disabled want on our part to ensure these opportunities.

Disability Services will arrange for service and support measures that help disabled people to get by in everyday life. Some of the services covered by the municipality's general obligation to produce services and some are trial-based aid. We will do an assessment with the client for need of service.

You can apply for service and support with a free-form written application.

The social worker will do an assessment for the need for support and makes home visits when necessary. For all new clients developed a service plan. Each social worker has its own responsible area.

Social adviser and counselor of social services participate in the assessment of service needs. Counselor of social services also provide advice on the use of various services.

The social worker is making the decisions about services and support for informal care. Senior social worker is making the decisions about services for the intellectually disabled.

For more information contact our office or social workers in disability services. Phone numbers and addresses can be found under contact information .

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