Seasonal influenza vaccinations for 2020 have started

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2020-09-30 12:08

Seasonal influenza vaccinations for 2020 are ongoing.  Espoo has acquired approximately the same number of influenza vaccines as last year, but the demand for vaccines has grown. Therefore, unfortunately, there may not be enough vaccines for everyone who wants one. We are trying to obtain more vaccines, but in the meantime we will prioritise the recipients of the vaccine so that as many of the people in risk groups as possible will get vaccinated against influenza. Read news: Risk groups are prioritised to receive the influenza vaccine.

You can get vaccinated at city’s health centres,  maternity and child health clinics or as a part of school and student health services.  If you are a home care client or live in a nursing home, you will get vaccinated as part of these care services. 

Who gets vaccinated against influenza?

From Monday 30rd Nov on, the vaccines are prioritised for

  • pregnant women
  • children aged under 7
  • everyone aged 65 and over
  • 7–64-year-olds who belong to risk groups due to an illness
  • persons starting their military service
  • personnel and students in the social welfare and health care sector

In addition, vaccines are reserved for individuals living in the same household with a person who has severe immunodeficiency or a severe illness or who is over 65 years of age, under 6 months of age or pregnant.

If there are still vaccines left after these groups have received one, then the people who are in close contact with people in risk groups will be vaccinated. We will report on the development of the vaccine situation during the winter.

Read more about influenza on the website of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL).

Due to the coronavirus, you can only get vaccinated if you book an appointment.

Cancel your vaccination appointment if you do not belong to a risk group

If you do not belong to a risk group, but you have booked a vaccination appointment, you can cancel it at or by calling

If you come to the appointment and it turns out that you do not belong to a risk group, we will unfortunately not be able to vaccinate you until those who belong to risk groups and wish to receive the vaccine have been vaccinated.

Which vaccines are used?

During the influenza season 2020–2021, the vaccination programme offers injectable VaxigripTetra vaccine for all age groups and FluenzTetra nasal spray vaccine for children aged from 2 to 6 years.

Read more about vaccines from the website of Finnish institute for health and welfare.

People in risk groups can book an influenza vaccination appointment by phone

Health centres 

  • Clients of Espoonlahti, Iso Omena, Leppävaara, Kalajärvi, Kilo, Kivenlahti, Samaria and Tapiola Health Centres, tel. 09 816 34800, Tue–Thu 8:00–16:00. Text message service for the deaf and hard of hearing, tel. 040 639 3945.
  • Clients of Oma Lääkärisi Matinkylä, tel. 09 855 4100, Mon–Thu 7:00–18:00 and Fri 7:00-16:00. Text message service for the deaf and hard of hearing, tel. 050 521 0553.
  • Service voucher clients who use a private health centre should contact their health centre to book an appointment.

Maternity and child health clinics

Maternity and child health clinics vaccinate pregnant women and children under school age.

  • Book an appointment through the clinics’ centralised appointment booking and counselling number, tel. 09 816 22800, Mon–Fri 8:30–14:30.

School and Student Health Services

School nurses will inform guardians and students of influenza vaccinations through a Wilma message.

Safe and smooth vaccination for all

  • Only attend your vaccination appointment if you are healthy.
  • Please only come to your appointment just before it to prevent overcrowding in our waiting rooms.
  • We recommend that clients aged 15 and older wear a mask or a face shield. 
  • Please pay attention to good hand hygiene and maintain safe distances from other clients and staff members whenever possible.
  • Please have your Kela card readily available when you are about to get vaccinated.
  • We also ask you to wear clothes that make it easy to bare your upper arm.