How is your family doing?

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2020-02-12 11:23

Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare THL’s survey for families with babies in the FinChildren (FinLapset) study collects information about families’ health, welfare and experiences of services. Parent of a baby, please respond to the survey!

There is a questionnaire for both parents of the baby, and information is also collected from registers.

This is how you can take part

  • Parents who live in Finland and have a baby aged around 3 to 6 months in 2020 will be invited to participate in the survey.
  • If you receive an invitation to participate, please respond to the survey. The invitation will be mailed to your home address.
  • The survey asks about your views of parenting, family life, support needs and experiences of services.
  • You can respond in English, Finnish, Swedish, Russian, North Sámi, Arabic or Somali.

Respond and exert influence

By responding to the survey you can help make sure that children and families receive suitable support at the right time. Responding is important to ensure that the results give a full picture of the welfare of all families with babies.

Those who respond will be entered in a draw for Finnish children’s clothes. All survey participants are in for a chance to win products of popular children’s clothing companies (GUGGUU, Metsola, Vimma and Papu), including bodysuits, tops and leggings.

Results will be published online

The results of the study will be published on THL’s web service, where they will benefit a wide range of users. The results will be reported ensuring that individual respondents cannot be identified.

More information

Survey for families with babies in 2020

Web service for the results 

Contact details

Reija Klemetti, Chief Researcher, Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL),