Home care software robot Ropsu took victory in international innovation competition

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2017-02-03 8:30

Ropsu the software robot works for home care in the City of Espoo. Ropsu won the series for service innovation in the public sector in the Quality Innovation Award, organised by Laatukeskus Excellence Finland. The innovators received the award in Prague 2rd February 2017.

Ropsu is the first digital home care worker in the City of Espoo

Ropsu automates the process of ordering on-hired employees and helps to organise the shifts. It combines data from four separate systems and recognises shifts that lack employees. The robot then orders on-hired employees and gives them a schedule for the house calls. It reports everything to the home care manager. If Ropsu, despite repeated attempts, fails to get hold of any employee to a work shift, the manager will help out.

Ropsu has been in use since December 2016. The results and effectiveness will be further evaluated after the three month trial period, but the robot has already proved its worth. Ropsu manages a part of routine tasks which previously were carried out by work managers. They have n now more time to concentrate on live contacts. Ropsu makes no human errors and it can work non-stop. Because Ropsu uses the programs based on the same principles as human workers, the programs were not altered. It seems that software robots will be of great benefit to the offices in the city's social and health services.

The award jury states that the Ropsu project comprehends the possibilities of software robot technologies and applies technology without prejudice. Previously, Ropsu has won the series for potential innovations in the national Quality Innovation Award, also organised by Laatukeskus Excellence Finland, and the Mayor's Innovation Competition.

Further information about the award
Two victories to the City of Espoo in the International Quality Innovation Award competition (link will be added shortly)

Further information about Ropsu
Development Manager Pirjo Huttunen, tel. 043 825 4391 (software)
Project Manager Raija Välimäki, tel. 043 825 1947 (practical experiences in home care)