You can now contact Espoo’s customer service via chat

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2019-05-23 12:18

The City of Espoo has adopted a chat service as one of their new service channels. In the chat service, you can discuss issues in real time by writing instant messages. The service will be available on the website.

In the beginning, you can chat about

The chat service is available at 8–16 from Monday to Friday. You can try the chat service by accessing the above websites and clicking on the “chat” text in the window that pops up.

“Conventional telephone services no longer cut it. We want to serve residents through multiple channels and make people’s lives easier. We are also looking into opportunities of expanding our services outside office hours at some point by utilising robotics,” says Service Manager Aija Paige.

Health centres also help via chat

The health centres of the City of Espoo also have chat service on their websites. This chat serves from Monday to Friday at 9–15.

Nurses use the chat to answer questions of a general nature. It is not currently possible to discuss any patient information through the chat because this would require user authentication – this will probably become possible in year 2020.

The health centres’ chat is available on the website of each health centre and also at their shared Finnish-speaking website at For now, the chat is mostly available in Finnish, but the health centres will soon start offering the service in Swedish and English, too.

The service expands later

In addition to those above, the chat service is planned for passenger transport and Finnish-language early childhood education. The maternity and child health clinics will begin chat service in June.

In the autumn, Espoo city services is also going to be adopting a video chat service.

Instructions for customers

  • Do not write any personal information, such as your personal identification number, address or information on decisions made by the authorities, in the chat window, unless specifically requested to do so by the customer service agent.
  • If your matter requires the provision of personal information, the customer service agent will instruct you to sign in using your bank identifier code, for example.

Additional information

Service Manager Aija Paige, City of Espoo
tel. +358 (0)43 825 9563,

Health Centre Specialist Marjo Heikura, City of Espoo
tel. +358 43 826 7685,