Summer 2019 in Social and Health Services

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2019-06-11 11:15

The telephone services at health centres, neuvolas, dental clinics and social welfare offices are available as usual. Some services have revised opening hours. Emergency on-call services are available around the clock.

Emergency on-call services

On-call services are available around the clock:

Health services

Some minor changes in health centres:

  • Kalajärvi Health Centre will be closed for renovation until August 2019.
  • Oma Lääkärisi Matinkylä has reduced opening hours 1 June – 11 August 2019: the health centre is open Monday–Thursday at 8–16 and Fridays at 8–15
  • Iso Omena Health Centre closes on Thursday, 20 June at 18.00.
  • The allergen immunotherapy unit at the Tapiola Health Centre is closed 20 June – 7 July.

The remaining health centers are open normally throughout the summer:

Mental health and substance abuse services are open normally throughout the summer:

Dental clinics
Telephone services are open normally, and appointments will be given to the clinics that are open. Some of the smaller clinics have revised opening hours. Urgent treatment is provided the same day. Appointments for dental examination are mainly given for autumn.
Further information on dental care in summertime
Contact information:

Laboratories, X-ray and medical imaging
aboratories: HUSLAB, contact information and opening hours
X-ray and medical imaging: HUS-Kuvantaminen, contact information and opening hours

Rehabilitation services have revised opening hours. Appointments will be given to the clinics that are open.

Travelling in Finland during the Summer?

Exceptions in family services

Neuvolas (maternity and child health clinics)
1–28th July only seven neuvolas are open. In July, you have to book an appointment for the open clinics as well. Contact infomation to neuvolas

Espoo centre

  • Espoon keskus, Kamreerintie 2 A, 3th floor, mainly clients in Espoon keskus, Suvela and Kiltakallio

Espoonlahti area

  • Kivenlahti, Merivalkama 2, mainly clients in Kivenlahti, Nöykkiö and Saunalahti

Leppävaara area

Matinkylä and Olari

  • Public service centre in Iso Omena, Suomenlahdentie 1, 3rd floor, mainly clients at the clinic in the public service centre in Iso Omena. Please note: We are closed evenings and Saturdays 17 June – 12 August.

Tapiola area

Healthcare for pupils and students
The pupils and student health care nurses and doctors are on vacation from 1–28 July.

Family couselling
Family Councelling Centers are closed 8–21 July. 

Habilitation services for children
Speech therapy, occupational therapy and the psychology services for children are closed 8–21 July. We will no rprocess referrals 24 June – 31 July. 

Help in divorce for families with children
Telephone service, tel. 046 877 3267 is open 1–31 June on weekdays at 12–13. Telephone service is closed 1–15 August. 
The divorce information service at the Service Centre in Iso Omena is closed 1 June – 18 August. 
Help in Divorce for Families with Children

The walk in service for child welfare officers is closed 8 July - 5 August.

Exception in services for the disabled

Telephone Service is open Mon-Fri 9–11 am from June 24 to August 2

Exception in services for the elderly

Service centres
Service centres in Tapiola, Soukka, Kauklahti, Leppävaara and Kalajärvi are open normally throughout the summer.
The service centre in Espoon keskus is closed 1 June – 8 September.
The service centre in Haukilahti is closed from 26 June – 28 July.

All other social and health services are open as usual throughout the summer.