School Doctor

School doctors based at vocational colleges and upper secondary schools provide all students with a health check in their second year of study. The health checks are designed to promote prevention and detect health problems at an early stage. If you feel that you need additional support, your situation can be assessed and monitored as part of the school health service.

The school doctor works at the school alongside the nurse. To make an appointment to see the doctor, please contact the nurse.

An early pre-draft health check  for prospective conscripts will also be carried out as part of the standard health check.

You can also be issued with a free young people’s health certificate, which is required for a number uses, including driver’s license applications.

If you are a university of applied science or adult learning centre student and would like to find out more about the medical services on offer, please contact your designated nurse.

However, it is not within the healthcare team’s remit to provide general medical care in the form of diagnostics, treatment or follow up. Where needed, we can refer you to your local health centre or for specialist treatment. Your family doctor will issue any statements and certificates that may be required.

Students who become acutely unwell will be asked to attend their own local health centre.