Health services

In Espoo, student healthcare is delivered jointly with our health centres. In the event of an accident, we administer first aid together with other staff at your institution.

Acute illness

If you fall ill during the day, you do not need permission or a note from the nurse to go home. At vocational college, you can self-certify for three day, after which you will need to provide a note from a nurse or doctor at your local health centre to confirm that the illness is still ongoing. At upper secondary school level, the school’s own policies will determine how absence is managed.

Medical certificates for absence cannot be issued by the student health service nurse.

As a rule, it is not within the healthcare team’s remit to provide general medical care in the form of diagnostics, treatment or follow up. Where needed, we can refer you to your local health centre or a medical specialist for assessment.

Chronic underlying health conditions

It is advisable to notify the student health service nurse if you have a chronic underlying medical condition or if you are on medication. Your condition will continue to be managed by your regular health care team even after your commence your studies. However, if you become acutely unwell, for example if you are diabetic and develop hypoglycaemia, you can be seen by the school nurse. All students must carry their own medication. They are expected to administer their own medication, aided by a teaching assistant. The school cannot accept responsibility for storing medication.