The student health service nurse, along with other staff, is responsible for administering first aid. If you have an accident during school hours, you can be seen by the nurse, if they are in attendance. The nurse will administer first aid, assess the situation, make a note of what has happened and, if required, advise you to attend your own health centre. If you are under 18, they will also contact a parent or guardian. If first aid is required, your parent or guardian is responsible for ensuring that you receive appropriate further treatment. All acute medical issues will be managed at the health centre.

An accident report must always be submitted to the school secretary following an accident. A description of the events must be included in the accident report and should be drawn up by a teacher or parent/guardian in consultation with the pupil. Students in upper secondary school will compile the report with the school secretary, while vocational college students do so with their teacher. To apply for a reimbursement of your costs, please retain all receipts.

All pupils attending school in Espoo have accident insurance in place that offers cover for public sector healthcare fees (poliklinikkamaksu). Students at Omnia are insured for their commute, time at school and any work experience placements.