Mental health

We would encourage you to contact your school or student health service nurse if you are feeling down, finding it difficult to sleep or preoccupied with your relationships and your situation more generally or if you are not sure whether you are able to cope. The nurse will meet with you and, based on your situation and your own wishes, can refer you to mental health services in your own local area.

An educational welfare officer and psychologist are also based at all upper secondary schools, vocational colleges and at the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. You can contact them if you feel that you need support with your learning or mental health.Laurea University of Applied Scienceshave their own dedicated educational psychologist, who is also available for support.

If necessary, the student health service doctor can refer you to a specialist.

The Nupoli Youth Clinic is a service designed for young people aged 13–22 and offers support and help with issues such as mental health, drugs and alcohol, gaming and leisure time. The parents of young people are also welcome to get in touch. All our services are provided in the strictest confidence and you do not need a referral from another healthcare professional to attend.