Medical Investigations

The investigations carried out in conjunction with the standard health checks vary from year to year. Standard checks include height, weight and blood pressure monitoring as well as eye checks.


Your hearing will be tested to 20dB using an audiometer, as required. Hearing tests are carried out if your studies expose you to high levels of noise or if you have previously had an abnormal result. If your audiogram continues to show an abnormal result, you will be referred to your local health centre for further investigation.


We will monitor you for near- and far-sightedness during your studies. If you feel that your eyesight has changed, we can arrange an additional eye check. We will not provide referrals to an optician or ophthalmologist.


We carry out posture checks in conjunction with the standard health checks. Pupils are also encouraged to take exercise that allows the entire body to work symmetrically, with a particular focus on core strength.

Laboratory tests

The student health service nurse or doctor can refer you for laboratory tests, if required.