Health checks

Student health service health checks

If you are enrolled at a vocational college or upper secondary school, you will be offered statutory health checks during your studies. The health checks are carried out by the nurse and doctor. As a rule, you will see the nurse in your first year of study and the doctor in your second year. If required, you will also be offered additional health checks.

If you are studying at a university of applied science or adult education centre, you will be invited to attend a health check based on a health questionnaire.

Investigations carried out as part of the health check can vary year to year and are determined by the year group you are in.

Online health questionnaire

You will be sent an electronic health questionnaire in your first year of study. The message contains a link to a secure and confidential online questionnaire. Your responses will only be seen by healthcare professionals working at the student health service, who have a duty to maintain confidentiality at all times.

The electronic questionnaires are designed to ensure that those needing a health check most are seen the quickest. This helps to promote student health but also supports their studies and academic achievements.

Your doctor can issue  a young people’s health certificate in conjunction with the health check.

An early pre-draft health check  for prospective conscripts will also be carried out as part of the standard health check.