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Student health care services in Espoo

We wish you a warm welcome to the City of Espoo student health service. The student health service is available to all students attending upper secondary schools, vocational colleges and universities of applied sciences for a continuous period of two months.

The health service maintains and promotes the students’ physical, mental and social well-being and offers them support with their studies and professional training. The service is designed to foster the students’ life management skills and highlight the positive impact a healthy lifestyle can have. The service is focused on preventative healthcare.

If you have any questions about health or your studies, please don’t hesitate to contact us. The services we provide are based on mutual trust. All information shared with our nurses is treated in the strictest confidence.

The Espoo school and student health service health checks are carried out in line with the Finnish government decree on maternity and child health clinics, school and student health service and preventative dental care for children and young people.