Medical investigations

The investigations carried out in conjunction with the standard health checks vary between year groups. Standard checks include height and weight monitoring. If necessary, height and weight monitoring can be carried out more frequently and the school doctor consulted.


An audiometer will be used to evaluate hearing acuity to 20dB at the start of Year 1 and at the start of lower secondary school. If a child repeatedly fails to pass the test, they will be referred to a specialist doctor.


All pupils will have their vision monitored for near- and far-sightedness at the start of school. If a pupil at any point feels that their vision has become impaired, additional eye checks can be carried out on request. If required, the school health service can refer pupils for a free eye check with an optician. Children under the age of 8 will be referred to an ophthalmologist.

Checks to detect colour-blindness will be carried out in lower secondary school. An abnormal result does not automatically necessitate further investigations. However, if the pupil intends to pursue a profession where good or normal colour vision or trichromacy is required, further investigations at a later stage are a good idea.


We carry out posture checks in conjunction with the standard health checks. In the event that we identify any abnormalities, the pupil will be invited back for more frequent checks in line with a separate protocol. If required, pupils can be referred to the school doctor, who will assess the need for further investigation.

Pupils experiencing back pain will be asked to visit their own doctor or the school nurse. Pupils are also encouraged to take exercise that allows the entire body to work symmetrically, with a particular focus on core strength. Advice will also be given on stretches to alleviate tightness in the hamstring area. Referrals to physiotherapy are available but subject to certain criteria.

Laboratory tests

The school nurse or doctor can refer pupils for laboratory tests, if required. If your child is referred for further investigation, we will notify you.