Sobering-up station

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Sobering-up station at the Kilo police station

Address: Vitikka 1 E 1, 02630 Espoo, tel. 09 8163 2469 / 046 877 3678
Open around the clock

The sobering-up station provides urgent on-call treatment for intoxication. 

The sobering-up station in Kilo is intended for short-term recuperation for the users of various substances.  The services are intended for people who need medical monitoring due to physical or mental symptoms occurring during intoxication but are not in need of hospital treatment.

The treatment is always voluntary. The duration and need of treatment are assessed separately for each client. The sobering-up station also provides both city residents and officials with advice and instructions concerning substance abuse treatment around the clock.

The services are free-of-charge to clients.