Services for drug users

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Linkki health advice and support center for drug users

Linkki health advice and support center provide you with information on health care, infectious diseases and social services. You can have confidential discussions with social and health care professionals and seek treatment.

Address: Espoo Centre, Virastopiha 3, ground floor

Opening hours: you can come without appointment

  • Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays 11.30–15.30
  • Wednesdays 11.30–17.30
  • Fridays 8.30–12.00

Appointment booking and telephone service during opening hours:

  • nurse tel. 046 877 2563 and 09 8162 7360
  • nurse tel. 050 381 0295 and 09 8162 7360
  • social instructor tel. 043 825 7966 and 09 8162 7360

Detoxification treatment for drug users

You can seek detoxification treatment through the following services:

During the treatment, your needs for any further rehabilitation will be assessed. The client fee depends on your income.

Opioid replacement therapy

The purpose of replacement therapy for opioid addicts is quitting drug use and achieving rehabilitation or improving the quality of life by reducing the adverse effects. The treatment is a long-term process mainly consisting of outpatient treatment.

The need for treatment is assessed at the HUS Addiction Psychiatry Clinic, where you can go with a referral from a doctor at your health station.

On the basis of the HUS Addiction Psychiatry Clinic’s assessment, you are then referred to the replacement therapy unit that meets your needs.