Olarinluoma reception home

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If you have substance abuse problems and are homeless and have nowhere else to go, you can seek help at the Olarinluoma reception home.

You can come to the reception home on any day and at any time; staff is present around the clock.
No appointment booking is required.

Inebriation does not prevent you from staying the night, so the service is poorly suited for people undergoing substance abuse rehabilitation or for homeless people with intoxicant-free lifestyles.

The Olarinluoma reception home offers temporary accommodation and related basic services. The goal is to find permanent accommodation or treatment for all homeless people.

Located near Niittykumpu in Espoo, the Olarinluoma reception home is accessible by public transport.

Contact information:
Tel. 050 0515 978
Address: Luomanportti 9, P.O. Box 20205, 02070 City of Espoo