Housing services in substance abuse work

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Sepänkylä supported housing unit (rehabilitating housing service)

If you are homeless and have serious substance abuse problems, you can seek accommodation at the Sepänkylä supported housing unit.

The supported housing unit aims to improve the clients’ independent living capabilities, help them gain control of their substance abuse problem and motivate them to work or study.

We will make a service plan with you, comprehensively surveying the support you need (physical, mental and social).
We will learn through hobbies to have good experiences without intoxicants.

The activities are based on communality and a living process varying in length from a few months to about a year.
The Sepänkylä supported housing unit consists of 12 one-room flats in the main building and 15 supported flats around the courtyard. The area is drug- and alcohol-free.

Call the supported housing unit and make an appointment for an interview.

Address: Palomiehentie 1 A, 02750 Espoo
Tel. 050 5004 952

Neppers home (rehabilitating housing service)

If you are homeless and need support to learn to live without intoxicants and to strengthen your everyday skills, you can contact the Neppers home.

The home intends to improve the clients’ independent living capabilities and help them learn to live without intoxicants.
We will make a service plan for the clients, including a survey of their physical and mental state. We will assess their everyday skills and aim to find the necessary support measures.

The Neppers home has room for 16 clients living in four separate flats, each with its own living room, shared kitchen and sanitary spaces.

Prospective clients of the home will be interviewed. You can contact the home personally or ask your treatment provider to do it.

Address: Vanhankartanontie 29, 02920 Espoo
Tel. 050 5727 709

Olarinluoma sheltered and supported housing

Olarinluoma sheltered housing

Olarinluoma sheltered housing  facilities are meant for Espoo residents with a substance abuse problem and weakened functional capacity. A client’s weakened functional capacity may also have reasons other than a substance abuse problem, such as a somatic disease, brain damage, memory disorder, etc. A client should not need more than one helper.

Sheltered housing provides clients in need of care with a safe living environment in which they receive comprehensive support. The client receives daily help in all everyday chores, such as personal hygiene, medical treatment and handling of official matters. In addition to a shared farmhouse kitchen, the clients have access to a lounge and a large terrace where they can spend time with other inhabitants and the staff. The clients receive support in the management of their use of intoxicants. The client fee charged in addition to the rent depends on the client’s income and expenses. Sheltered housing is also provided as an outsourced service in, for example, Kuninkaankallio. Clients are referred to sheltered housing facilities through the mental health and substance abuse services SAS group.

Contact information:
Tel. 043 824 7 209
Address: Luomanportti 11, P.O. Box 20206, 02070 City of Espoo

Olarinluoma supported housing facilities

Olarinluoma supported housing facilities are meant for Espoo residents with a substance abuse problem who cannot live independently for various reasons and cannot cope in decentralised supported housing facilities.  The inhabitants get the help they need for, for example, maintaining the flat, paying the rent and dealing with official matters. Their health and general condition is also closely monitored. They are supported towards a substance-free lifestyle/controlled use of substances and referred to other substance abuse work services. The inhabitants’ functional capacity and life management are supported by means of various activities. They have access to a shared space where they can spend time together with the other inhabitants and the staff. No in-house staff is present during the night.

To apply for such housing, you need to complete the city’s application for rental housing and get a recommendation from your social worker or similar. The recommendations are to be delivered to the address below. The inhabitants are selected by the city’s housing service unit on a proposal from Olarinluoma’s leading instructor. The monthly client fee will be collected or not collected according to the client’s income level.

Contact information:
Tel. 050 5541 702
Address: Luomanportti 11, P.O. Box 20206, 02070 City of Espoo
Leading instructor tel. 043 8246 654