Mental health and substance abuse services from morning to early evening without appointment

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2019-01-18 16:58

You can visit the nurse at the clinic during the following times with no need to book an appointment:

  • reception hours for adults: Mon–Thu at 8–18 and Fri at 8–16
  • reception hours for young people aged 13–22: Mon–Thu at 16:00–17:30.

For ordinary Espoo residents

– “Visit us if you need help for yourself or support in a situation that someone close to you is facing. Willingness to get help is enough. On your first visit, we the nurse assess your situation and we start planning a treatment,” says Service Manager Petri Luomaa.

What to do when you arrive

The Clinic for mental health and substance abuse is located at the Iso Omena Service Centre, on the third floor of the shopping centre, above the metro station. The address is Suomenlahdentie 1.

The Clinic for mental health and substance abuse has a self-service registration machine. Use it to can your Kela card or enter your personal identity code manually. After registration, the machine will give you a queue number which we will use to call you in. You may for wait for your turn for example in the library.

All mental health and substance abuse services: